10 Pillars

The 10 Pillars of First Dawn Recovery

1. SAFETY: Ensuring that the treatment environment is physically and emotionally safe, allowing veterans to feel secure and respected

2. TRUSTWORTHINESS AND TRANSPARENCY: Building trust through clear communication, honesty, and consistent expectations.

3. PEER SUPPORT: Recognizing the value of connecting veterans with their peers who have similar experiences, as this can help reduce isolation and promote a sense of belonging.

4. COLLABORATION AND EMPOWERMENT: Involving veterans in the treatment planning process, respecting their autonomy, and giving them a sense of control over their recovery journey.

5. RESILIENCE AND STRENGTHS-BASED APPROACH: Focusing on veterans’ strengths and resilience, emphasizing their ability to overcome challenges and build coping skills.

6. UNDERSTANDING TRIGGERS: Educating veterans and their caregivers about trauma triggers and responses, helping them identify and manage these triggers in daily life.

7. AVOIDING RE-TRAUMATIZATION: Being aware of potential triggers or situations that might re-traumatize veterans and minimizing their exposure to these triggers.

8. EMOTIONAL REGULATION: Teaching veterans coping strategies to manage their emotions, such as mindfulness, relaxation techniques, and grounding exercises.

9. HOLISTIC APPROACH: Addressing physical, emotional, and psychological needs through a comprehensive and integrated approach to treatment.

10. FLEXIBILITY AND INDIVIDUALIZATION: Recognizing that each veteran’s experience is unique and tailoring treatment approaches to their specific needs and preferences.